Rituals restore harmony, balance and well-being. The combination of massage and aromatherapy with other treatments will allow you to relax and unwind. We invite you to escape from rush and stress. Our cosmetics are based on the highest quality ingredients from organic farming, thanks to which they are very safe and well tolerated by the skin.


Cenote ritual  2h 15min | 650pln

Full body exfoliation, signature  Cenote full body  massage and facial treatment matched to the needs of the skin

Relaxation ritual 2h 30min | 720pln

selected body treatment,  facial treatment matched to the needs of the  and a nourishing treatment for the feet or hands

Luxury  ritual 2h 30min | 960-1110pln

Body treatment, facial treatmen,manicure shellac or spa, pedicure shellac or spa

Ritual for two 2h | 1300pln

fruit full body exfoliation, selected body massage, nourishing face mask for two
treatment takes place in a couples room, full body scrub, signature body massage with head and face massage, face treatment, foot treatment

Ritual for him 2h | 600pln

Men’s facial treatment, back -neck-  shoulder massage to choose from (classic massage or bamboo) and  pedicure

Reneval ritual 1h 30min | 350pln

back neck shoulders massage, anti ageing face massage, foot or hand treatment



They improve the condition of the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and nourished. The Body's textures are designed to cultivate our body and serve in "maintaining beauty". Their diversity makes it possible to tailor the offer to individual needs and lifestyle.


Younglory 90min | 350pln

 A luxurious treatment based on extracts of red fruits with antioxidant properties. Rejuvenating skin and reducing the rang. It combines: full body peeling that exfoliate the epidermis, smooth the skin, give a strong anti-aging effect. Bamboo massage which releases muscles tension and brings relief. A nourishing body mask that firms the skin

Nutrideal 90min | 350pln

 Nourishing and regenerating body treatment with the aromatherapeutic scent of orange and chocolate. It combines: Nourishing salt peeling, relaxing full body massage on warm oil, Moisturizing, botanical body mask

Cenote Body Treatment 75min | 350pln

 The treatment has a deeply relaxing effect. Body scrub smoothes and cleanses the skin. A full-body signature massage is a combination of relaxation and classical techniques, put you in a state of deep relaxation. Includes head and face massage. Shea butter regenerates and nourishes the skin.