M Picaut Swedish Skincare is an exclusive line of facial skin care products. The ingredients come from certified organic farming. All products are free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones, sulphates, unnecessary fillers and artificial colors. The products are created in such a way to help the skin in its natural functions. Ingredients of the M.Picaut series come from pure crops and are combined with active peptides. What makes them a brand of luxury products for demanding customers.


Dottore  Knowledge and many years of experience of Dr. Waldemar Jankowiak, founder and main physician running the Aesthetics Clinic, in the treatment of skin care methods and inhibition of skin aging processes, allowed to know the patients' needs and develop optimal formulation formulas based on reliable medical knowledge. A range of professional and caring dottore products with the highest possible effectiveness for cosmetics. The top priorities are the highest quality, precise operation and high tolerance of preparations.
 Dottore is the first Polish brand of cosmeceutics derived from aesthetic medicine.



BioOleo Cosmetics are top quality oils and selected natural raw materials imported from Africa, Morocco and Spain. Cosmetics created from passion and love for natural products. . Thanks to BioOleo Cosmetics products that regenerate, nourish and detoxify the body, making us feel younger, full of strength for life, more cared for and relaxed, we give others joy and a positive attitude. This in turn allows you to create better relationships with both your relatives and in your professional life. To help achieve this amazing effect, we communicate what nature has been supporting us for centuries.

Our oils are produced from the highest quality raw materials, guaranteeing their extraordinary properties. Thanks to that they have a unique aroma, consistency and action. Each oil is enriched with active ingredients that are essential in daily care. All products meet strict microbiological and dermatological standards (CPNP base). Cosmetics are also registered in the Pharmaceutical Database of Medicines and Health Care Products


Clochee are natural and organic cosmetics, for face and body care, which are 100% eco. Plant-certified raw materials come from controlled plantations that do not test them on animals. 100% packaging after recycling. Friendly for vegans and vegetarians. The goal for us is to create the most perfect cosmetics, fully natural, safe and healthy. Clochee uses the forces of plants and minerals dormant in nature, remaining in harmony with the environment. Our cosmetics do not contain harmful allergens.



HERLA GOLD TREATMENT  60min | 450pln

A strongly regenerating and nourishing treatment WITH 24KARAT GOLD recommended for mature skin that requires nourishment. The rich composition acts antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and nutritional. It guarantees immediate improvement of flexibility, fresh and radiant appearance. A relaxing face massage of the neck and cleavage will allow deep relaxation

ANTI AGE TREATMENT 60mi | 400pln

Enzymatic peeling with natural AHA acids helps prepare the skin for better absorption of active substances contained in the serum. Thanks to the use of sea-buckthorn oil, the skin regenerates quickly, is protected against the harmful effects of free radicals, which are responsible for the aging process. The treatment restores skin firmness and elasticity. Massage with elements of acupressure reduces the existing wrinkles and furrows.

HYDRATING 60min | 350pln

Its unique composition guarantees the skin an optimal level of hydration and soothing of the skin with the problem of dilated vessels and a tendency to irritation. Perfect for vascular skin and sensitive skin..

WHITEGLOW 60min | 350pln

A treatment created for the skin with uneven pigmentation, stains and discoloration. The concentrated power of innovative plant ingredients has been closed in two specialized products with the highest effectiveness. Brightens and improves skin tone.

CALMING ROSES 60min | 380pln

The treatment is the reactivation of 14 genes of youth and the use of a unique combination of 3 species of roses - black rose, wild rose, damask rose - as a secret of youth and unparalleled beauty. The treatment is intended for sensitive and dry skin.

PURE PERFECTION  60min | 350pln

A treatment designed to clean the face, even the most sensitive and prone to irritation. Pureperfection nourishes the skin by ensuring its proper level of hydration and lubrication by rebuilding the lipid barrier of the skin.


MEN’S FACIAL 60min | 300pln

A cleansing procedure that allows you to remove excess sebum thoroughly. Moisturizes and protects against excessive water loss. It makes the skin elastic and restores its glow and freshness.


Teenagers face treatment +15  -  30min  |  99pln