SPA in Gdańsk - we present an offer of available massages:


Signature massage Cenote - 75min | Price - 290pln  /  90min | Price - 350pln

Created for the most demanding. A perfect combination of a relaxing massage of the whole body, feet, head and face with the amazing effect of sea buckthorn oil. Introduces a deep state of relaxation.

Hindu massage - 75min | Price - 290pln

Massage used in holistic medicine for over five thousand years. Has already been appreciated in antiquity. Improves coordination, agility, endurance and limb mobility. It is a great form of relaxation and a way to restore the energy balance of the body. Massage of the whole body, face and head. Combining relaxation massage techniques, Ayurveda and rubbing techniques brings relief and relaxation. The technique of massaging "through the towel" allows for strong pressure and stretching of the muscles, the relaxation technique calms them down and acts energetically on the chakras.

Classic massage - 30min | Price - 150pln  /  60min | Price - 220pln

Relaxing and therapeutic massage. Stronger pressure on tired muscles, relaxes them and helps calm the nerves. The aim of the massage is to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph through tissues, remove the muscle paresis - Therapeutic massage.

Relaxation massage - 30min | Price - 150pln  /  60min | Price - 200pln


Relaxing massage is a calm and gentle massage of the whole body. Despite its mild form, it causes a very deep state of relaxation. Recommended for people with insomnia, lack of concentration and calmness.

Aromatherapy massage - 60min | Price - 240pln

Aromatherapy massage made with the use of essential oils, which combines the healing power of touch with the individual properties of oils. It also brings physical and mental relaxation. Recommended for people who, in addition to the beneficial effects of massage, enjoy the aroma sensation that gives you aromatherapy - Therapeutic massage.

Massage with herbal stamps - 60min | Price - 250pln

A therapeutic massage performed with the use of stamps containing a mixture of herbs and which, when heated by steam, release the essential oils stored in them. The massage has a relaxing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves the circulatory and lymphatic system and stimulates the metabolism - Therapeutic massage.

Candle massage - 60min | Price - 260pln

The candle massage will surely appeal to all those who love massage oils and this magical atmosphere offered by candles. For the massage, candles made of 100% natural ingredients are used. Massage shines a combination of magic of touch, warmth and smell that will allow total relaxation.Good for a dry skin.

Bamboo massage - 60min | Price - 260pln

Bamboo massage is an oriental and therapeutic deep tissue massage technique. Bamboo massage affects the relaxation of muscles and complete relaxation. Allows you to rest and unload the negative voltage. If you suffer from chronic stress - Healing massage.

Lava Shell - 60min | Price - 260pln

Shells emit heat while an individually selected herbal composition is an aromatherapy. Thanks to the use of unique, relaxing oils, Lava Shells massage is a wonderful experience, total relaxation for the body and relief for the senses.

Chocolate massage - 60min | Price - 250pln

Chocolate massage is a great way to relieve stress, low mood, fatigue, tension and back pain, muscles and joints. It has analgesic, relaxing effects, but also calms down and deeply relaxes.

Massage with gold - 60min | Price - 260pln

During the treatment, 24-carat gold oil is application and then massaged into the skin. Luxurious revitalizing massage that improves the appearance of the skin. It relaxes, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.

Massage for pregnant women - 40min | Price - 200pln

It brings relief to spinal pains, which appear already at the beginning of the second trimester, due to the action of hormones, relaxing the ligamentous system. It reduces muscle tension, stimulates micro circulation and lymphatic system function, which during pregnancy helps to prevent edema and reduce or eliminate leg swelling - therapeutic massage.

Stress relief - 45min | Price - 220pln

Energizing, intensive back, shoulder and neck massage. It combines several different massage techniques. Regenerates tense muscles and helps in relieving spasms and pain in specific parts - Therapeutic massage.

Hot stones massage - 60min | Price - 260pln

Hot stone massage works physiotherapistically. Restores efficiency to damaged organs, and at the same time promotes rest and regeneration. Thus, it increases the body's exercise capacity.
Its effect is to relieve all kinds of muscle pain and nervous tension pain. It perfectly supports the circulatory system, improving its functioning.

Massage for two

It is a freely chosen massage, which is performed in a double room with a sauna. So that you can spend time together and enjoy a shared massage

Teenagers massage +15 | czas: 45min  price: 150pln